• Allegretto Alcon WaveLight Eye-Q Excimer Laser Machine
  • Allegretto wave front Analyzer
  • Phoropter Automated Vision Refractor (Pichina)
  • B Scan Ultra sound
  • C3R for Corneal Disease
  • Micro Scope (Carl Zeiss) (Visu150 with X-Y and Zoom with CC Camera)
  • Phaco Machine(Laurette Alcon)
  • Vitrectomy (Accurus, Alcon)
  • General anesthesia set up
  • Auto Refractometer(Nidek )
  • A-Scan (Alcon) &(Biomedix)
  • Lensometer (Auto)
  • Topography (Carl Ziess)
  • Pachometery
  • Topography (Tomey)
  • Slit Lamp
  • Synaptophore
  • Fundus Digital Angiography (Carl Zeiss)
  • Double frequency YAG Retinal Laser (Carl Zeiss)
  • Single frequency YAG (Carl Zeiss)
  • Humphrey Visual fields (Carl Zeiss, Germany) with Glaucoma progression analysis(GPA Software)



  • Freedom from glasses and contact lenses through Q-LASIK by Allegretto Alcon WaveLight
    Eye-Q Excimer Laser Machine.
  • Cataract surgery by Phacoemulsification and microphaco techniques.
    (Carl Zeiss, Germany, Visu 150 microscope)
  • Collagen Cross-Linking for Corneal Disease (C3R)
  • Corneal Surgery – Corneal transplantation including lamellar and split component transplants, use of amniotic membrane and glue for corneal surgeries.
  • Yag III laser for Capsulotomy and iridotomy (for Glaucoma), Carl Zeiss, Germany.
  • Retinal Angiography (FFA)
  • Visuals 532 S laser for Retinal disorders (diabetic and vascular retinal discorders, for retinal tears) , Carl Zeiss, Germany.
  • Allegretto Phoropter – Automated Vision Refractor
  • Allegretto Wavefront Analyzer for Higher Order Optical Abberations.
  • Squint surgery and Oculoplasty surgeries.
  • Pediatric Ophthalmology services.
  • Fourier Domain OCT (Retina/Glaucoma/Cornea)
  • Vitreo retinal surgery and Filtration surgery for Glaucoma
  • Humphrey Visual Field (Carl Zeiss, Germany) with Glaucoma Progression Analysis



ASG Eye Hospital is the only hospital in western Rajasthan, providing services in the following super specialties in the field of Ophthalmology.

  • Q-Lasik laser surgery
  • Vitreo-retinal surgery
  • Squint surgery
  • Phototherapeutic keratectomy surgery
  • Oculo plastic surgery

- Ptosis correction
- V-y plasty
- Blepharo plasty
- Skin transplant for scar correction
- Tumor excision with reconstruction
- Dermal fat graft(DFG)