To enrich fellow with clinical,diagnostic and surgical skills and impart a level of confidence in him/her to practice his/her skills independently and coherently.

How we intend to do so ?

How we intend to do so?

There are five essential requirements for any teaching program.

  1. Set Up – ASG EYE Hospital bring the state of art infrastructure keeping in mind all three sections – OPD, Diagnostic and Surgical need. Slit lamp with camera attachments are there which help in learning. Fundus camera, Angiography, OCT, Yag and Argon lasers, Synaptophore, Tomey and other equipment’s are installed which help in fellow learning and skill transfer. Our state of art Operation Theaters have digital camera recorder with live display so that fellow can learn by seeing, can record and analyse his/her surgeries.
  2. Adequate Exposure - Exposure is an important requirement in terms of both volume and variety. We have paid OPD, camp OPD and specialty clinics from where fellow gets input of cases. Our Community ophthalmology department carries out regular camps -in camps both cataract and corneal surgeries are taken care of.
    A fellow should expert to get 250 phaco/cataract surgeries with hands on for 100 YAG Cap and YAG PI.
    Medical retina fellow will be given hands on for Retina Laser, use of Anti-VEGF, performing and interpretating OCT & FFA.
  3. Instructors - ASG Hospital has a term of senior consultants who themselves have been trained at prestigious institutes like AIIMS and have large exposure – both in terms of clinical and surgical proficiency. Our one to one teaching program gives proper attention to fellows. Rotation ensure that a fellow gains adequate exposure in his/her field.
  4. Independence – Any fellow, unless moves out of umbrella of his/her instructor and independently manages his/her opd/surgical cases will not developed the desired level of confidence. In later part of teaching program,fellows will be given duties at various centres to manage them independently They will manage opd, screen and operate their cases and will keep their followups.
  5. Academics – Fellows will have regular teaching classes, seminars, and they will be assigned projects for their sub-specialty. They will be encouraged for presentations/publications and as a part of same, two national/state conferences will be sponsored by institution in one full fellowship program.


Phaco Fellowship Jaipur 1 Post MS/DNB 18 Months
Phaco & Glaucoma Fellowship Jodhpur
Post MS/DNB 20-22 Months
Phaco & Corneal Fellowship Jodhpur 1 Post MS/DNB 18-20 Months
Medical Retina Jodhpur
Post MS/DNB 20-22 Months

At the end of fellowship there will be examination (theory & Viva), and fellows will be awarded certificates after passing


  • All fellows will be given INR 40,000 per month for initial 6 months, there after INR 10,000 increment every 6 months.
  • Accommodations will be provided by institute.
  • After completion of fellowship, fellows will be offered consultancy posts at various centers of ASG Eye Hospitals with attractive salary.

Entrance Examination

  • Examination will consist of two section:
    1. MCQ
    2. Interview
  • MCQ’s will Consist of 40 MCQ with multiple choice options, positive marking for correct and negative marking for incorrect answer ( in ratio 1:1).
  • Interview will be held on same day.
  • Interview will be held in two parts – 15 mins general interview and 15 mins for the course chosen.
  • Result will be declared in 3 Working days.
  • Selected candidates will be notified about course offered and place via mail/ letter.
  • The Venue of exam/ interview will be at Jaipur, Patna & Bhopal.
  • Forms will be available online/ by mail.
  • Decision of institute will be final in all sections.

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Application Requirement:
1. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
2. Photo-copy of your degrees
3. Registration nos. certificate
4. Three passport size photographs.
5. Submission must be received on or before July 31, 2015 & Examination date August 6, 2015
6. Dispatch the form at the address mentioned below:
Address:- Academic Section ASG Hospital Pvt. Ltd.

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