Eye movements are coordinated by extra-ocular and intra-ocular muscles

Extra-ocular muscles are like any other body muscles and they are under our control. Intra-ocular muscles are involuntary muscles. Disorders of both these muscles can cause ocular problems.

They can present as double vision, squint and headache, and disease of optic nerve can cause decrease in vision along with changes in quality of vision.

Treatment options for these diseases include medicines and even surgeries.

With modern technology it is possible to treat diseases like squint and even jerky movements of eye balls (also known as nystagmus). Modern surgical options like fornix based surgical techniques give minimal access surgical approach and excellent results.

ASG eye hospitals provide treatment for all these disorder and our experts are trained in all surgical techniques from prestigious institute like AIIMS, New Delhi. Coupled with latest technology like OCT for optic nerve, early diagnosis and proper treatment is possible for many optic nerve diseases.