Spectacles can be a disability with great cosmetic and functional concerns. In modern era, one can easily get rid of glasses with help of latest Alcon Allegretto laser machine system (Q-Lasik), in hardly a matter of seconds.


What is Lasik Laser?

LASIK or Excimer laser is used in reshaping of cornea and thus provides permanent freedom from glasses.

Is it safe?

This is a safe technique and is also approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), USA. In developing countries like USA, more than 70% of people requiring freedom from spectacles, opt for this technique.

Can every person get rid of glasses?

No, each person has to undergo few investigations before, to look for eligibility for the same. These tests include corneal thickness, mapping, retinal and lens status and once all investigations are in conformity, then only we proceed for procedure.

Is it possible at age over 40yrs?

Any person over age of 18 years, who is eligible in Investigations can undergo this procedure. After age of age of 40 years, we go for mono vision technique.

Are all Lasik machines same?

No, with latest modifications and refinements, older generation LASIK machines have given way to newer generation machines, which use superior flying spot technology, Gaussian Beam and are much faster like 400 – 500 Hz Allegretto Wavelight machine.

What if I am not fit for Lasik?

Bioptics/ Qlasik plus is advancement over lasik, where in combination of techniques is used to permanently remove glasses. With these advancements, nos from +10DS to -15DS can be easily corrected and in selected cases, even higher power can be removed.