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Lasik surgery hospital in India

LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure that is done to correct refractive errors so that one can get rid of their glasses within 15 minutes.

Lasik surgery hospital in India

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LASIK (Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) Surgery and Post LASIK Care

LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure that is done to correct refractive errors so that one can get rid of their glasses within 15 minutes. Yet, to get the best outcomes off this surgery, the immediate post-operative period after is vital. You need to adhere to the specific instructions given by refractive surgeon. Peruse ahead to get the best tips to gain the most from LASIK Treatment.

How to recover quickly after LASIK Surgery?

There are a couple of things that you should know before going through LASIK surgery about which your eye specialist will guide you.
Being the Best Lasik surgery hospital in India, ASG Eye Hospital has given a few precautions to follow for the best outcome of your LASIK procedure.

  1. The first 24 hours after LASIK are decisive for healthy recovery. During this time, you might feel some amount of foggy vision, itching, irritation or slight light sensitivity which is perfectly predictable. One should not touch or rub his/her eyes at any cost. Rubbing or squeezing eyes in immediate post procedure hours can hamper the proper healing of eyes and might complicate the situation.
  2. Wearing protective goggles in early post-operative time is advisable your eyes are extremely sensitive in initial few hours after the LASIK Treatment. A whirlwind or blaze of light might hurt your eyes. You may experience glare, starbursts or haloes around lights.
    These symptoms should improve considerably within the first few hours after surgery. You should plan on taking a day or two off from work until these symptoms subside.
  3. The post-operative treatment of LASIK is extremely crucial and should be started immediately after the procedure. It is important to use the prescribed eye drops at the recommended timeline.
  4. Playing any outdoor games should be avoided for seven days. Strenuous contact sports such as boxing, football, karate, etc. should not be attempted for at least four weeks after surgery.
  5. Use a face wipe and avoid rubbing the eyes while drying off. Avoid splashing water, soap or shampoo in your eyes to steer clear of possible infection. Preferably shower should be avoided and bath should be preferred. You should avoid wearing eye makeup for at least one week after the surgery.
  6. Post LASIK follow ups with your eye specialist are imperative. The specialist can identify any conceivable post-medical procedure exceptions in your eyes and recommend a solution for the same.
  7. Take enough rest and try not to take any stress after you have gone through LASIK.

How long rest is needed after LASIK Treatment?

As a part of the quick LASIK healing measure, you need to keep your eyes closed for majority of immediate 2 to 4 hours post op. By and large, Lasik treatment recuperation time for certain individuals might go from 10 days to few weeks. You should have a subsequent meeting with the doctor the next day of your medical procedure for examination of your eyes.

Schedule your LASIK Consultation with the best LASIK surgery hospital in India

Lasik is the most easy, quickest, and least demanding approach to get your visual perception corrected and eliminate the eyeglasses forever off yourself. Furthermore, ASG Eye Hospital is the best solution for LASIK surgery hospital in India. We have the most progressive cutting edge gear for this technique and all our clinical and non-clinical staff have long stretches of involvement with LASIK. So in case you are hoping to get your vision improved and dispose off your eyeglasses, reach out to us.

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