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Lasik Treatment VS Contacts and Glasses

Every year, quite 700,000 people in India throw their prescription glasses and lenses away because they found a far better alternative: Lasik laser eye surgery.

Lasik Treatment VS Contacts and Glasses

April 3, 2020 by ASG Eye Hospital0
A Comparative Guide of Lasik Treatment Vs. Contacts and Glasses

Every year, quite 700,000 people in India throw their prescription glasses and  lenses away because they found a far better alternative: Lasik laser eye surgery.

If you’re uninterested in wearing eyeglasses or contacts and are considering vision correction surgery, our expert of Lasik Treatment in Jaipur is here to help!

Read on for a comparative guide to laser vision correction versus prescription contact lenses and eyeglasses.

The cost of Lasik Treatment VS Contacts and Glasses

Each year India spends, on average, $15 billion on eyewear to correct refractive errors. That’s not hard to believe, considering glasses get scratched, broken, and lost all the time. You usually got to have a fresh pair of contacts available. And both glasses and contacts require constant prescription updates. Regardless of what, you’re watching a recurring bill that just gets costlier over time.

Our Lasik Treatment in Jaipur aims to provide LASIK vision correction procedures which are accessible to everyone. This is often why we provide financing options and affordable payment plans to all or any of our patients. Money should never be the deciding factor to think about your vision correction journey. We would like to figure together with your unique budget and find an appropriate plan that most accurately fits your needs.

The Convenience of LASIK vs Contacts and Glasses?

Glasses and contacts can hinder numerous popular hobbies and activities. Simple daily exercises or fun sports require special prescription goggles in order that they don’t fall off or break while you participate.

Most LASIK patients report noticeably improved vision soon following their surgery. After the procedure, you’re ready to return to normal daily activities including light exercise within a few days, free from glasses or contacts.

The Safety of LASIK vs Contacts and Glasses

Risks of wearing glasses are very minimal — the foremost common side effect being headaches caused by new or incorrect prescriptions. There are, however, multiple risks related to wearing contacts; some serious enough to steer to blindness. Eye infections, corneal abrasions, and even corneal ulcers are common issues that arise when contacts aren’t properly used or cared for.

LASIK laser eye surgery is among the safest vision correction procedures available today. This is often a 100% blade-free surgery that heals naturally without bandages or stitches. Advanced laser technology and expert care make LASIK surgery one of the foremost successful and risk-free procedures on the market

The Timing of LASIK vs Contacts and Glasses

The timeline related to vision problems is typically an extended one. Six out of ten people in their forties start to experience vision changes after years of seeing 20/20. These statistics indicate the likelihood of most of the people counting on eyeglasses for over 50 years of their lives. As your vision gets worse, the time spent compensating for it increases.

Best Lasik Centre in Jaipur gives great future vision correction solutions. The surgery itself averages 15 minutes to half-hour and requires little or no downtime. You ought to be ready to return to figure, drive normally and even perform light exercise within a few days of your surgery.

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