Disclaimer Teleconsultation

ASG is offering teleconsultation where patients or family members of patients are not being able to reach our centers.

A teleconsultation cannot be compared to face-to-face consultation in ASG centers with our doctors where the doctor is able to examine the patient in person and also do any relevant ophthalmology tests as required for the patient

Please come to ASG centers for consultations whenever you are able to come to the center; and should opt for a teleconsultation only if you cannot wait or cannot come physically.

If you cannot wait in that case avail a teleconsultation with ASG doctors.

Please come to ASG center subsequently to discuss and confirm the diagnosis, treatment and prescription with ASG doctors whenever you are able to come to the center.

In case your symptoms/condition is not improving, please visit the nearest hospital.

By accepting a teleconsultation with an ASG doctor, you agree and accept that the ASG and doctors shall not be held responsible in the unlikely event of an error or lapse in diagnosis or treatment due to the limitations induced by the teleconsultation medium.

ASG will attempt to ensure ideal conditions, unforeseen situations may arise and ASG will not be held liable for the same.

ASG and doctors shall not be responsible for accuracy and efficacy of a teleconsultation given the constraint of the lack of a physical in-person examination.

Your acceptance of a teleconsultation is taken as your consent for a teleconsultation and please note that all teleconsultations come with their limitations and constraints.