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Dr. Farin Saikh is a Dynamic Ophthalmologist. She has immense working experience in the field of ophthalmology. She has completed her post-Graduation in ophthalmology from prestigious Dr. R P Center of ophthalmic Sciences, All India institute of Medical (AIIMS), New Delhi. After her post-Graduation Dr. Farin has done her Specialization in field of cataract, cornea and refractive surgery services from AIIMS, New Delhi. She has also received FICO from International council of ophthalmology, UK.
Her Expertise are femtosecond laser assisted cataract surgery, phacoemulsification using Premium intra ocular lenses, pediatric cataract surgery, cornea & external Eye diseases, corneal transplant surgery including lamellar corneal surgery, ocular surface procedures, SLET, CLET, COMET, Amniotic Membrane/ Mucous member grafts and refractive surgery including LASIK, ICL, and Bioptics.
She has extensively involved in Eye banking and transplantations procedures and has been instrumental in promoting awareness about eyes donation as an active participant in national Eye donation fortnight and eye banking activates, Eye donation awareness walks. She has provided Ophthalmic services at gross root level with various outreach community eye camp since 2014 in primary health centers during her tenure in Dr. RP Center, AIIMS, New Delhi.

In addition, she has been extensively involved in research and other academic activities. She has organized education & training session and has passion for teaching and training. She has also been faculty in various instruction courses in international conferences and training for wet lab and hands on surgical session in various national and international conference in ophthalmology.
Dr. Farin has been awarded with “Best Senior Resident Award” in ophthalmology, RP Centre, AIIMS, New Delhi as well as “Best of Show Award” at American Academy of ophthalmology Annual Meeting, San Francisco, USA as co-author for presentation on intraoperative optical Coherence tomography Guided Management of Intumescent white Cataract.



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