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Dr. Manas Nath is working in ASG Eye Hospital as a Cataract (Phaco Technique), Refractive surgery, and Glaucoma specialist. He has an experience of more than 17 years in the field of Ophthalmology and has performed 25000+ surgeries. He is proficient in state–of–the–art surgical management of all types of cataracts such as age-related cataracts, traumatic subluxated cataracts, complicated cataracts, etc. He has done an Anterior Segment and IOL fellowship (AEH, Pondicherry) in 2008 and was the former Chief of Cataract Services in Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry.


  • Surgical management of all types of cataracts such as age-related cataracts, traumatic subluxated cataracts, complicated cataracts etc.
  • Surgical management of refractive disorders (LASIK and Phakic IOLs).
  • Medical and surgical management of Glaucoma.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Manas Nath is an ophthalmologist who practices at ASG Eye Hospital.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Manas Nath, call our helpline at 1800 1200 111 or use our online appointment booking system on the ASG Eye Hospital website.

Dr. Manas Nath has done MBBS, DO, and FAEH.

He specializes in Cataract (Phaco Technique), Refractive surgery, and Glaucoma management.

Dr. Manas Nath’s consultation hours are 9 AM- 6 PM. Please check our website or contact us for any changes or updates.

Dr. Manas Nath’s consultation fees, kindly contact our hospital at 1800 1200 111.

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