MBBS, MS (PGI Chandigarh)


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Dr. Sandeep Choudhary is a consultant ophthalmologist who has worked in premium institutions. He completed his MS Ophthalmology from PGIMER Chandigarh and continued at PGIMER Chandigarh and AIIMS Jodhpur as a Senior Resident. He has experience in phacoemulsification, minimally invasive glaucoma surgeries, trabeculectomy, implantation of glaucoma drainage devices, corneal transplants & refractive surgeries including LASIK (Q-LASIK, Contoura etc.) and ICL. Dr. Choudhary has attended many local, national & international conferences. He has won several awards including best research paper presentation at IPGS 2022, and UKPGS 2022. He is a member of AIOS, Cornea Society of India, Glaucoma Society of India, YOSI, COS and NZOS.
1.    ‘Trainee Presentation prize’ winner at United Kingdom Pediatric Glaucoma Society (UKPGS) Meeting held 5th February 2022. Presentation: Newborn glaucoma: A neglected manifestation of congenital rubella syndrome.
2.    ‘Best research paper presentation’ at Indian Paediatric Glaucoma Society meeting held on 26th-27th March 2022. Presentation: Newborn glaucoma: A neglected manifestation of congenital rubella syndrome.
3.    ‘Best surgical video: Glaucoma’ at AEC Cinefest 2021. Video: Limited posterior bleb revision in failed trabeculectomy.
Publications: 14
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