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Dr Roshan T is working in ASG Eye Hospital as a Cataract (Phaco Technique), Refractive surgery, Medical Retina and Glaucoma specialist. He has an experience of more than 9 years in the field of Ophthalmology and has performed 25000+ surgeries. He is proficient in surgical management of all types of cataracts such as age-related cataracts, traumatic subluxated cataracts, complicated cataracts etc.

He has completed his post-graduation from AIIMS New Delhi later did his fellowship in Cataract and surgery under Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Narayana Netralaya. He has trained many candidates in cataract and Refractive surgery. He has presented multiple papers in various national and international ophthalmology conferences and has published many articles in national and international Journals. He has received the Best paper of the session in ASCRS (American society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) in May 2017 held in Los Angeles. He has been awarded International Hero award by AIOS ( All India Ophthalmology Society). He has also won top 12 video award in AIOS of year 2018.


2018 – Present: Consultant Cataract, Refractive (Q-LASIK and ICL), Medical Retina and Glaucoma.

• ASG Eye Hospital Jodhpur
• ASG Eye Hospital Jamshedpur
• ASG Eye Hospital Varanasi
• ASG Eye Hospital Ujjain
• ASG Eye Hospital Jaipur

2016 – 2018: Cataract and Refractive Services, Narayana Netralaya, Bangalore, India.
2012-2015: MD Ophthalmology AIIMS New Delhi, India.


• Surgical management of all types of cataracts such as age-related cataracts, traumatic subluxated cataracts, complicated cataracts etc.
• Surgical management of refractive disorders (LASIK and Phakic IOLs).
• Management of amblyopia and keratoconus.
• Medical management of Retinal disorders and Neuro ophthalmology
• Medical and surgical management of Glaucoma.



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  • E letter : Response to ‘Recovery of photoreceptor inner and outer segment layer thickness after reattachment of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment ‘ Dr. Roshan T, Dr Shouryavardhan Azad British journal of Ophthalmology
  • Co-author of chapter : ”iTrace®“ in book in print “newer investigations in Ophthalmology” by Dr.Tanuj Dada.
  • Co-author of chapter “Instruments in corneal transplant ” in book in print “Instruments in
    Ophthalmology” by Dr. Rajesh Sinha.
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