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How can Squint develop in Childs Eye?

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Jun 28, 2023 | 3 min read

How can Squint develop in Child’s Eye?

If Your Child Has Squint, Then Read These 5 Useful Insights


Squint, also referred to as Strabismus, can occur at any age, however is mainly common in youngsters. Strabismus can be temporary i.e. it is able to come and pass, or persist (be permanent).

These five insights let you confirm the presence of squint in your child, choose the right squint eye treatment, and lower the dangers of addiction complications:



1. Annual Eye Check-up of Your Baby:

  • As a concerned parent, make sure you take your baby to the eye physician every year for a complete eye check-up. Doing this can help you become aware of the early symptoms of squint as well as other eye conditions like glasses prescription which can present as headaches commonly in children.
  • You can get your child examined by our Squint Surgeon in India at ASG Eye Hospitals, one of the best Eye Hospital in India, for an entire eye exam. Our team of eye doctors use the latest examination techniques and technologies for a complete examination of the child.


2. Guidelines To Pick Out Whether Your Baby has Squint:

  • Identifying Strabismus in your baby is not an easy task. The first step is to take a look at your child’s eyes; if the eye balls are deviated from each other always or whilst looking towards a thing, it can suggest the presence of a Strabismus.
  • Another symptom to watch out for is whether or not your child is tilting his/her head to one side when doing normal tasks or not. As squint can cause double images, the child might try and close his/her eyes to avoid the double images.


3. Reasons of Squint in Kids:

  • There are numerous causes of squint in kids, it may be the result of refractive errors like long sightedness (hyperopia),near-sightedness (myopia), and astigmatism (cylindrical number).
  • In some in stances, Strabismus in children may be a symptom of retinoblastoma, a reform of cancer. Other uncommon reasons of Strabismus in kids encompass developmental delay, genetic syndromes or conditions.


4. Complications of Squint:

  • One among the largest myths about squint in youth is that children can grow out of the situation. Ensure not to accept this myth as truth and rather start early treatment upon detection of the Strabismus.
  • Failing to deal with this condition with right treatment leads to a high risk of lazy eye. Lazy eye is when the brain stops accepting signals coming from the affected eye.


5. When to Get Scientific Advice?

In case your infant has squint. Seek immediate help in case of wrong spellings of words in school going children. Also watch whether or not your baby sits near to the display while looking television or brings books towards the eyes while reading/studying.


For proper detection and remedy of squint, meet a strabismus Surgeon in India. From ensuring proper diagnosis to planning and deciding on the proper treatment choice(s), our best Squint Surgeon in India will help you in every step of the way. 

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