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Who is an Ophthalmologist?

DR. ARUN SINGHVI In Eye Hospital

Jun 22, 2023 | 3 min read

You need your sight for everything you are doing, from driving to reading. For you to possess the sharpest vision, it’s necessary to schedule regular eye exams. In most cases, you’ll see an optometrist for your appointment, but if you’ve got any major eye issues, you’ll need an ophthalmologist & we have the best Ophthalmologist in India.


What is Ophthalmologist?

An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor who is able to handle special eye conditions and perform surgery. They possess a medical doctor (M.D.) degree and have undergone a minimum of three years of additional training for treating eye related conditions and complex eye related disorders and diagnose eye diseases. They will also do something as simple as issuing you a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.


When you see an ophthalmologist, you can trust you’re getting the best care because they need to have experience working with all kinds of vision concerns, including lesser-known issues. This will offer you peace of mind during an eye exam because they’ll be more likely to acknowledge the signs of a selected condition and may provide the simplest plan of treatment.


What Can An Ophthalmologist Do?

If you select to consult an ophthalmologist clinic in India, you’ll expect expert help and advice specific to your needs. They will provide prescriptions for serious eye issues, conduct eye surgery if needed, and offer other specialized eye care services.


An ophthalmologist can even refer patients who have issues unrelated to eyes. For example, during an eye exam, they can discover that you have diabetes or high bp, conditions which are often first detected via the eyes. If they notice these conditions, they’ll send you to a specialist for further treatment.


For those with significant eye issues, an ophthalmologist in India can diagnose you and assist you to overcome them. They work most frequently with eye injuries, major vision issues, and eye coordination problems.


Summary: Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologists are certified medical doctors who can treat severe eye conditions and conduct surgery. They will also offer you eye exams, provide prescription lenses, and diagnose eye diseases.


As ophthalmologists concentrate on the eyes, they’re great for treating complex eye issues, like glaucoma and cataracts. Regardless of your eye care needs, an ophthalmologist can assist you to stay ahead of these ailments.


Are you able to schedule a comprehensive eye exam? Get in-tuned together with our best ophthalmologist in India for Eyes today.

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